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Meet with an advisor that can share every Medicare program available.

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Smiling Elderly Woman

C. Edmunds

Preparing for Medicare hade me feeling overwhelmed and I wanted to be sure I was making the right decision for myself. I decided to participate in their webinar and found the information useful. I then had a phone consultation with Troy where he spent lots of time answering my questions and explaining different options to me. He was able to give me the top plans to consider for me which made my choice much simpler and I felt like I had made a well informed decision. He left it up to me to decide which option I wanted with no pressure. Once I decided I called back and he is taking care of everything for me. Plus they will review with me every year during open enrollment.
All at no cost to me. I am happy & grateful I responded to their postcard! Thanks again!


R. Campbell

I attended one of their Free Webinars about Medicare Help and found the one hour presentation very informative. Several weeks later I followed up on the offer to meet a representative one-on-one for help with other Medicare questions. It helped me considerably to obtain the information and advice from an expert. This company also provides other important financial advice for retirement and I am very happy to be working with them. Anyone needing Medicare Information or Retirement Planning help should give them a call.

Man with Beard

J. Gorman

I was skeptical of email invitations to attend a seminar, but I went anyway, soon to be eligible for Medicare. Chris Pham was well spoken, very knowledgeable, and patient in answering everyone's questions. I was happy to hear that there was no charge for his consultation, as they are paid like insurance agents from the insurance companies. I went today, and Chris reduced hours of my decision-making into a very easy decision, that was cheaper than I had planned. His experience with all 65 companies in Houston really helped me, and can help you too. Extremely professional and polite. Wonderful service!

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