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I Need Some Sun!

As more of us get the COVID-19 vaccine, we are hoping to make up for the vacations we had to postpone this past year. There are plenty of places allowing travelers from the United States, but every country has their own rules for entering and some have restrictions or curfews within their borders, However, just because a country is allowing tourists in doesn't mean there isn't a risk in going there. The State Department is advising Americans not to travel or to "reconsider travel" to nearly every international destination because of COVID-19. Check the State Department website for the most current travel information,

If you decide to travel internationally, you'll have to get a negative COVID-19 test within three days of departure from the country you're returning from, or prove you have recovered from the coronavirus within the last 90 days. Currently, vaccination against COVID-19 does not exempt people from needing a negative test.

Traveling inside the United States is much easier, but there are still some locations that require testing and quarantining. Hawaii is one of those locations. At the time of this printing, Hawaii continues with the Safe Travel pre-travel testing requirements, even if fully vaccinated.

Lucky for us, we have some wonderful beaches in our area to get your toes sandy! They aren't the beautiful blue water of the Caribbean or the Florida Keys, I still enjoy getting out there to soak up some sun time.

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