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Accessing Services

So, you’ve signed up for a new plan, how do you access all these great services the companies advertise?

Most companies have included a way to create and access services online. The website can usually be found in your Welcome Kit.

Over-the-counter benefits can be found online, either through your member account or a 3rd party website in which you have to create an account. These websites are basically shopping online, you fill up

your cart, up to your allowance, and they’ll send your items to your home.

If you’re looking for dental, vision, or hearing services, they can be accessed through doctor/facility searches on your plan’s website. Here you can find a list of participating providers for your dental, vision, and hearing aid benefits (if your plan has one.)

Fitness memberships are typically included, but keep in mind not all gyms participate in all plans. Only certain gyms work with RenewActive, SilverSneakers, or Silver and Fit.

You can always call the member services number on the back of your card, or you can call us for help.

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