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Comparing Apples to Apples...or Oranges

Fortunate over the years to be able to help thousands of people. Many of these clients are still employed. In fact, one of the original employers we were able to assist was the City of Sugar Land. One of their employees attended a workshop and found it so helpful they asked the city to include us in their Retirement Symposium.

The City of Sugar Land's team was happy that we were able to help answer all the health and retirement related questions their employees had. We used our comparison tools to help the employees compare the current group coverage, retiree coverage, and all their Medicare options, By comparing group options with Medicare, we were able to show some clients whether staying on group or going to Medicare would be more beneficial.

The benefits and cost comparisons are great tools for employers and employees alike. The employees have a strong understanding of their benefits and healthcare costs and the employers have provided a great service to their employees with a potential cost saving benefit. It's a win win!

If you would like to compare your current benefits and costs, contact us.

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