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Is it Time to be Conservative?

No no.... I don’t mean with your political views, I mean with your retirement investments!

With the formal acknowledgement of the interest rate hike taking place in March with up to three additional hikes before the end of the year and the official release of the inflation rate for 2021 at 7%, what will your investment portfolio look like in 2022 and beyond?

Is this a perfect storm coming over the horizon? High inflation, the federal government tapering the quantitative easing policy, the continued pandemic, and interest rates hikes, it sounds to me like a major correction is coming and it's coming for those investment portfolios. The 4% withdrawal from the retirement accounts will soon be squeezing the principal balance in your accounts and may even start depleting your principal to keep the amount you need to pay normal living expenses.

Clients that have gone through our Retirement Income planning process can rely on the guaranteed income that we have built into their plans and are minorly affected by these pending drastic changes!

Planning is more important now than ever and building guaranteed income into your plan can remove some of the what if’s that keep you up at night! Let’s review your plan!

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