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Nutrition for a Better Immune System

We all know the drill by now: mask up, social distancing, wash hands frequently, and avoid large crowds. But in my daily readings, I have come upon a few suggestions to strengthen us in this challenge.

Do you remember our mom's mantra that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"? Well, researchers say that an apple a day boosts resistance to pneumonia, bronchitis, and chronic coughs and helps us breathe easier. Apple skins contain airway inflammation-reducing and tissue healing Polyphemus.

Nuts to that, you may say! But, Brazil nuts, which are rich in selenium, speed recovery, and people are more likely to have milder symptoms even with the common cold. Other foods rich in selenium are fish, organ meats, hazelnuts, oysters & beef.

Well, that's a fine cup of tea! Absolutely! Green tea boosts our immune system and increases the body's production of nasal-protecting antibodies by 70%. Their rich anti-inflammatory properties prevent respiratory infection. Covid enters our body by inhalation, so strengthen where the battle starts - in your nose.

Don't neglect Vitamin D! It boosts your health by keeping viruses from attacking cells lining the nasal cavity. Foods rich in Vitamin D, like eggs, salmon, tuna, sardines, and whole milk, help reduce the risk of respiratory infections.

Add to your grocery list: apples, nuts, green tea, and Vitamin D.

Please take care and stay safe!

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