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After the past snowstorm that most of Texas had to endure, CMS, the centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has announced that they are working to ensure hospitals and other facilities can continue operations and provide access to care despite all the aftermath of the storm. They have also announced some key administrative actions CMS is taking in response to the public health emergency (PHE) declared in Texas.

Some of the actions are Waivers and Flexibility for Hospitals and other Healthcare Facilities, Dialysis Care, and Current COVID-19 Waivers. These and a few more actions have been announced on February 17, 2021. CMS want to make sure that even though the great state of Texas has been hit with this PHE, they can still find comfort in that they will be covered in all their Medicare endeavors. I can provide explanations for these 3 administrative actions.

First off, Waivers and Flexibility for Hospitals and other Healthcare Facilities, CMS went to their office in Dallas and discussed how they can help with healthcare facilities. CMS Dallas Survey and Enforcement Division under the Survey Operations Group, will consider other provider-specific requests for healthcare facilities in Texas. These waivers work to provide continued access to care for beneficiaries.

Next, Dialysis Care, CMS will assess issues such as generators, alternate water supplies, education, and materials for patients, and more. Patients are educated to have an emergency supply kit on hand including important personal, medical, and insurance information,

Finally, Current COVID-19 Waivers, CMS has compiled a list of current Waivers already available for health care providers to use during the COVID-19 PHE. These waivers remain available to providers in the State of Texas who have been affected by the consequences of the winter storm

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